Opening of Nobel Laureate Series Award Presentation Ceremony 2017


Nobel Laureates Series Award Presentation Ceremony 2017 is jointly organized by ACKM and the Social Enterprise Research Academy. It was held at The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong on 5 June 2017 (Monday). Professor Arieh Warshel, 2013 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, Professor Shuji Nakamura, 2014 Nobel Prize winner in Physics, Mr. Chan Mo-po, Financial Secretary, Professor Sophia Chan, Acting Secretary for Food and Health and Mr. Simon Wong, Chairman of Hong Kong Brand Development Council were invited as honorary guests to this award presentation.

“Nobel Laureates Series Award Presentation 2017” is to recognize the outstanding performance of business leaders in Asian regions, to inspire business promotion and the perfection of entrepreneurship and to enhance Asian product awareness and service quality. It also enhances the understanding and recognition enterprises in Asia and Asian entrepreneurship by society, overseas businessmen and consumers. The awards presented at the ceremony are divided into two parts: individual awards and corporate awards. Individual awards include: Excellent Leaders Award of China, Asian Outstanding Leaders Award, Asian Business Women Leader Award, and Asian Financial Planning Leaders Award. Corporate awards include: Customer Service Excellence Award, Marketing  Excellence Award, and Technology Excellence Award.

Individuals or enterprises that have been selected for this presentation ceremony have achieved outstanding performance in their respective sectors and industries. They have made great achievement and social impact upon society by virtue of their personal or corporate marketing ideas, market positioning, leadership and contributions to society. They include Mr. Lee Koon-wah of Hong Kong Descente Trading Ltd., Mr. Zheng Jiang of Prime Credit Co., Ltd., Dr. Hung Wan-Hoi of Ideal Group, Dr. Tse Ping of Sino Biopharmaceutical Ltd., Mrs. Gianna Hsu of Towa Tours Ltd., Dr. Grace Kwok of Allied Sustainability and Environmental Consultants Group Ltd., ACKM fellow Ms. Lancy Chui of Manpower Services (HK) Ltd., Dr. Man Chun-sing of MEGASOFT Ltd., Mr. Chan Chi-shing of Cascube Ltd. and Mr. Tony Yung of Sanomics Ltd.

Each winner will be awarded a certificate signed by Nobel Laureate. The final judging panel and the organizer will have the final and binding decision on all matters relating to the presentation of awards. For the use of the winning logo, the awarded enterprise or leaders must report to the organizer on the need of using winning logo in their relevant industry. For the category of corporate award, application for the use of designated wining logo should be processed. After assessment, an approval will be given for the use of the winning logo for promotion of products or services within the period of validity.



Award Presentation of Nobel Laureate Honorary Fellowship

ACKM organized the “Ceremony of Award Presentation of Nobel Laureate Honorary Fellowship and 2014/2015 Honorary Qualification” and it was successfully held on 14 April 2015 at Chiang Cheng Theater, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The occasion was to praise the contributions of outstanding leaders and enterprises for their promotion and dedicated development of knowledge-based economy.